A Nice Warm Bed

October 3rd, 2014
I love fall sunrises!

I love fall sunrises!

I love fall! It’s my favorite time of year! But, the downside to fall, is the darkness that lingers longer and longer each morning. This morning, when the alarm went off, the bed was just the right temperature. There was a chill in the house, which made staying all bundled up in bed very inviting! It was hard to convince myself to drag the ol’ body out of the sack.

There is an upside to mornings in fall. Since the sunrise is later and later, many times the sun is just coming up when I head to work. Fall sunrises are the best! I think I’m kind of obsessed with them, as I always carry  my camera with me and love to stop on the side of the road and shoot the sun just coming up.

While talking about staying in bed, why is it that on weekday mornings I cannot wake up? The alarm goes off at 6:30am and I hit the snooze one time, and sometimes two until I finally give up and get up. I can instantly go back to sleep, no problem. But, on Saturday morning, when I could sleep as long as I want, I wake up at the same time that my alarm would normally go off, and cannot get back to sleep to save my soul! I think it must be because I immediately start thinking about all of the things that I want to get done that day, and my mind is then “on”. It’s hard to shut it back off once it’s on.

It’s not just me that has trouble getting up. Sophie, our dog hasn’t even been stirring until everyone is up. She isn’t even barking at the paperboy when he delivers our daily paper. It’s just not right to get out of bed when it is still dark outside. I’m glad I don’t work in a bakery or restaurant where you have to be up and be ready to go before the crack of dawn. Absolutely not my thing. Thank you to all those folks who love to get up and get at it very early each day. 8am is way early enough for me to be at work and get things going. I’m getting sleepy just talking about about getting up………

Breaking Up is Hard to Do!

September 25th, 2014

Now that I have your attention, let me explain. I don’t know about you, but I’ve not had many people touch my hair throughout my lifetime. Again, explanation. How many hairstylists have you had in the course of your lifetime? I was just counting, and think that I can add them up on one hand. Yes, five hairstylists.

Letting someone cut or highlight your hair is a scary thing. At least to me it is. I think this is why I’ve not given many the chance throughout my life. Once I find someone, if they seem to do a pretty good job, the job is theirs until something happens to end the relationship. Yes, it is in fact a relationship. A rather personal one I might add!

I cannot remember who cut my hair when I was a kid, but the first stylist that I remember as an adult was Beth Alberts at Main Street Salon in Hampton. Who doesn’t love Beth?! Well I did, and do, but she moved away early in my adulthood and LaVonne Braun took over the shop. Another great hairstylist! But after taking a job in Henderson, it became hard to fit LaVonne into my schedule, so I tried to a stylist in Henderson.

After my job move to York, I “trained” another stylist and stuck with her for many years. One day I desperately needed a haircut, and she was not available, so I randomly picked one in Grand Island one Saturday morning. I loved the job that this stylist did, but it was not always convenient to drive to Grand Island for a haircut, so I went back to my old stylist in York.

Here comes the “breaking up” part. I’m sad to say, it’s time to move on. Too many “short short” haircuts, two many heads of “oh so blonde” hair when I only wanted highlights. I hate to do it, and breaking up is truly hard to do, but it’s time to say adios. I’m now in a new relationship with a stylist, who after one haircut and one highlight, really seems to understand what I want! Yea! I’m still in the honeymoon phase right now, but have high hopes that this is a relationship that will last for many years to come!

The weird thing is that my old stylist won’t even receive so much as text from me to let her know that we’re done. I know, it’s seems sad, and even rather mean, but I think that this is how breaking up is done in the hairstyling world. Heads come and go. So sorry, but it’s time for this head to go……….

Mean Girls

September 19th, 2014

We’ve all known them, and if we’re honest with ourselves, at least myself, we’ve probably been the “mean girl” once or twice in our lives. (Yes, to anyone reading this that I was mean to, I am truly sorry!) What brings this all up you might ask? I was getting my daily facebook fix one day this week and saw a post by a younger friend who has junior high/high school girls. She was lamenting  the drama that comes with girls this age. From the posts that came after the initial one, she is not alone. Many mothers told of the same experiences with their daughters and tried to console her, as I did.

Boy, do I remember this! Not only from personal experience, but as a mom of a daughter. When the “mean girl” phase begins for your daughter,  in about 7th grade, it not only takes you back to your life in junior high, but makes you want to lash out at the little snots that are making your daughter’s life such hell! You want to be a “mean mom”, but you don’t. Now, I may being dramatic, but when you are this age and the friends that you’ve had since you were in first grade suddenly turn on you, it does leave you a little baffled! I still wonder what happens that begins the process where one girl suddenly convinces the rest of the click to not talk to so and so. What is this all about?

Even though it’s hard on you as a 7th grader, it is twice as hard on you as a mom of a 7th grader. I’ve tried to explain this to my daughter, but I don’t think you actually “get it” until it happens to you. The hurt that happens to your child always hurts you as the parent twice as much as it does the child. As a mom, of course you want the best for your child, which includes good friends and no drama. The funny thing is that while you are still all revved up about the “mean girls” not inviting your daughter to a party, she has forgotten all about it and is off having fun with her other friends, the ones who actually will be her friends for life.

That’s the thing. It starts in junior high, but continues throughout your life. You wouldn’t think it would be so, but the drama continues even as an adult. You end up having friends from first grade that are friends for life, and those “mean girls” that you wanted so badly to be your friends, really weren’t your friends in the first place. They get left behind, which is a really good thing. And hopefully, as an adult you can avoid the drama as much as possible.

This whole conversation is making my heart beat to fast. Thank God I don’t have to be in junior high ever again!!

Help in the Dressing Room

July 24th, 2014

I decided to check out the summer sales at Schweser’s over my noon hour last week. I found a few things that I wanted to try on, so I headed to the dressing room. As in most clothing stores, there were two comfy chairs parked outside the dressing room for those waiting. Also not unusual, an elderly man sat in one of the chairs with his legs crossed, looking rather bored.

Before I made it to the dressing room door, a cute little lady came out sporting a sassy new skirt. What I was not prepared for was the conversation that ensued.

“What do you think of this skirt Ralph?” 

“ I think that it’s a little old for you”. This coming from a guy who looked like he’d been collecting social security for at least 20 years, if not more.

“Well, I do have a shrug at home that would go nicely with the skirt”. What? I’m lucky that I know what a shrug is, let alone Ralph! But, little did I know that Ralph must have been a fashion designer or some sort of runway expert, as he proceeded to explain that the skirt was too full at the hips and too high in the waist!

Are you kidding me? All I could think of was if my husband Doug were sitting in the same chair waiting for me. First of all, this would ever happen. Not just because he would not want to be there, but also because I would not want him to be there either. Why inflict such pain and suffering on each other? And as far as knowing what a shrug is? Phhht! He is lucky to  know what capris are. (Or does he??!!)

Anyway, after listening to Ralph critique each outfit his Mrs. tried on, I thanked my lucky stars that I don’t have a husband who wants to follow me around and provide commentary on dressing room escapades! Thank you very much……..

Nail Polish…Not My Friend!!

July 10th, 2014

I have a “love/hate” relationship with nail polish. I love how it looks when it’s on my hands when all goes well, but I absolutely hate it when it is smeared or starts to chip off!

Anyone that knows me, also knows that patience is definitely NOT one of my virtues! This is the reason that I try to buy the “quick dry” nail polish and also top it off with “nail quick dry”. This still does not make my nails dry fast enough for my taste. If I wait until right before bed to paint my nails, I end up with “bedsheet nails” as I like to call them. No matter how dry my nails seem before I hit the hay, by the time I wake up, they look like I’ve pressed a terry cloth washcloth on each of them! Or if I paint my nails before we are going somewhere, I always wait too long to start and end up smearing them, making me wish that I had just used clear polish and avoided the drama.

And, I can’t stand when the tips of my nails start to wear off. UGLY! So, I try to remember to touch them up between paintings. This morning, I realized that I had forgotten to touch my nails up, just as I was ready to leave the house. No problem, I thought. I’ll just quick hit the tips and off I’d go. YIKES! What a disaster! It all was good until I got in the car to back it out. Somehow, while throwing my purse in the car, my wet nails breezed across my blouse, leaving dark maroon polish on one pocket. Oh, my gosh! And to make it even worse. I was wearing a brand new blouse, never worn before. Could it be any worse?

I ran in in the house, grabbed the Spot Shot, and went to work. I could not believe  it, but it actually took the polish out. What a stroke of luck! I got back in the car and headed for work. Just a quick stop to mail a letter at the post office, and off I’d go. As I got out of the car, I noticed MORE polish on the front of my blouse. Are you kidding me? (Not my exact words, but I have to keep it clean!) I raced back home, pulled out the Spot Shot again and scrubbed the nearly set spot. Again, hardly believing my eyes, I got the polish out of my blouse.

This all came two days after another near disaster with finger nail polish. I had polished my nails in the kitchen last weekend and had left the bottle of hot pink polish sitting on the kitchen counter. Somehow, while making my lunch, I knocked the bottle off the counter, and it smashed on our ceramic tile floor. Oh no!! (Again, not my exact words!) I raced to get the paper towels, handed them to Doug and sped to the bathroom to get my non-acetone fingernail polish remover. Doug sopped up the biggest share of the mess, while I quickly hit the floor with massive amounts of polish remover. Someone was watching out for me, as we even got the polish off the grout, and a couple of splatters on the cupboards .

It just so happened that I had decided to wear my white capris that morning. The thought ran through my head while cleaning up the mess, that I should watch out for my pants, but I was more concerned with the floor. When the mess was gone, I looked down, and sure enough, I had hot pink polish on my knee. By this time, I had pretty much given up, so I quickly changed clothes and threw my capris on the bed. I didn’t have time to worry about getting polish out of them, and had already used my entire bottle of polish remover.

Another stroke of luck. When I came home that night, I picked the pants up off our bed and looked at them, thinking that they were surely ruined. I looked closer and found that the polish seemed to be just sitting on top of the fabric, not really in it. I scratched the polish, and off it came off! Really?! How lucky could I be!

You’d think that I would just quit messing with trying to have pretty nails, but every once in awhile, I get it right, and enjoy my manicure for at least a week. I guess I must be an eternal optimist, but also very stubborn, so I’m sure there are many more bedsheet nails and spills to be had. Hopefully a few good manicures too!

Storm Clouds

July 8th, 2014

2014-07-07 21.06.20


2014-07-07 21.06.42


2014-07-07 21.07.14


2014-07-07 21.08.05


2014-07-07 21.09.16


A Thunderstorms moved quickly through last night leaving the the sky a weird orange/pink color.

These are a few photos of the pretty clouds left behind when the rain stopped.

Turkeys On The Trail

June 6th, 2014

2014-05-30 11.44.572014-05-30 11.37.362014-05-30 11.58.26











I’ve started walking at Beaver Creek Park over my noon hour again, and as always, there’s much to see. Last week, as I came around the bend by the creek, I saw something rustle in the grass. I got off the path and moved closer to see what was moving. It looked like about 5 or 6 baby ducks! They were young enough that they looked fuzzy instead of full of feathers. As I eased closer, a movement to the left caught my eye. Oh, my gosh! These weren’t ducks, they were baby turkeys! There, as big as life, was their mom, staring me down!




I’ve heard Doug tell stories about wild turkeys pecking each other to death when he’s turkey hunting, and didn’t want to experience the same fate, so I took no time taking off down the trail! I was only a half a mile into my walk, so I just kept moving. I had my camera in the car, and had debated taking it with me when I started out, but decided not too. Darnit! I was about 4-foot from mama turkey and could have taken an awesome photo of her up close! Probably a good thing that I didn’t have it with me though. She may not have appreciated the paparazzi catching her and her babies on their outing! When I came back her way on he second half of my walk, she was gone.

The next day, I did take my camera. I didn’t encounter any fun wildlife , but the sky was certainly beautiful, so I snapped these photos. I think I’ll grab my camera from now on, just in case. You never know what you’ll see on the walking path!















Happy Mother’s Day!

May 10th, 2014

Our daughter, Kara completed the two years of school work required to receive her master’s degree in occupational therapy last week. Now, she has one more year of clinical work in actual work settings, to receive her doctorate. We are all so proud of Kara and the hard work and dedication that it has taken to complete her studies. Between classes and actual work, she had a week off. Luckily, she chose to spend the week with us! It was so nice to have her home! Kara can make the dullest moments fun! She makes me laugh, no matter what we are doing.

Her Grandpa Max is always glad to see Kara also. He puts her to work painting cool things on the barn doors that he collects all year long. At Christmas time this year. he gave her a large barn door to paint on, but he liked it so much that he couldn’t bear to part with it and displays it in the showroom in his wood shop.

It’s surprising how fast a week can fly by when you are having fun! Dropping Kara off at the airport is always the hardest, but she’ll have some time off between work rotations in August, so we are already looking forward to seeing her again in a few months.

Since it is Mother’s Day tomorrow, I can’t help but think about how grateful I am to have two wonderful children, a delightful daughter-in-law and this year a granddaughter! The time we get to spend with each of them becomes more precious every day. Many times, I feel like my kids have given me far more joy in my life than I could possibly return to them. It’s also funny as they have become adults, that I seem to learn so much from them, instead of me being the teacher. I certainly consider myself blessed to be called Mom & Grandma.

Happy Mother’s Day!


First Bonfire of the Season!

April 18th, 2014
Fun by the Fire!

Fun by the Fire!

A Perfect Fire
A Perfect Fire


Fun with friends

Fun with friends







Great conversation

Great conversation


It came a little late this year….the first bonfire of the season. But, it was well worth waiting for!

What a perfect evening for a bonfire! Not too cold, yet just a little chilly so that it felt good to warm your toes by the fire!

I can’t think of  a person that doesn’t like to sit by a fire. There is something hypnotic about staring into the fire and just enjoying the evening.

What makes it even better is sharing the fire with good friends. The conversation is sometimes serious, sometimes silly and sometimes it just heads directly south, with no hope of salvaging any scrap of intelligence. But, that’s what makes it so much fun! You never know what the discussion will lead to.

I’m so glad that we shared this bonfire on this Saturday night, as the next morning, the rain began, which turned into sleet, which eventually made its’ way to snow! YUK! They said it might snow, but I don’t think that anyone expected the snowstorm that erupted by noon.

We decided we’d better head back to Hampton, thinking that we would beat the snow, or at least outrun it on our way East. No such luck. We drove a maximum of 20 miles per hour from Lexington to Kearney, arriving there after 2 1/2 hours of slow tedious driving. It was horrible! I have never driven on such bad roads in my life. I’ve driven on Highway 34 on my way to work in some pretty crummy conditions, but that is only 17 miles. The 38 miles from Lex to Kearney seemed like days!

When we left Kearney, Doug took the lead in his pickup, as I was having trouble maneuvering my Pontiac G6 in the deep snow. Luckily, things improved as we got to Grand Island, and I could unclench my hands on the steering wheel and relax a bit.

This all made the bonfire the night before even more special, knowing that we enjoyed such a perfect time the night before. It also makes me anxious for more great bonfires to come this spring and summer!




A Waste of Paper!

April 11th, 2014

I know that you are all getting them too………. hundreds of postcards, some as big as a magazine, touting the strengths of the candidates running for office this year. What a waste of paper and money! Honestly, do any of you actually read what they have to say on the slick cardboard messages? Mine go right in the recycling bin at the post office. The messages fill the recycling bin and are hanging out the top each day by the time that I get my mail at 5:30pm. What a shame!

I did however, receive an interesting political message in the mail this week. I thought that it was a brilliant idea, and it did NOT go into the recycling bin! Mike Foley, running for the governor of Nebraska sent a large packet of “Forget Me Not” seeds with his message printed on each side. I actually read what he had to say, and loving flowers, I took the packet home and plan to plant them in my garden. As you can see, I remembered his name, more than I can say for most of the other messages that I’ve received.

And, for those annoying phone messages that are left on our answering machine, they should be outlawed! As a matter of fact, I thought that they had been until we received several this week. And even more annoying are the phone calls when you are home.  When you answer your phone, a recorded message comes on. Blah, blah, blah. Do they think that any person in his or her right mind is actually going to listen to this rubble? Not me.

Just think how our lives would change if each candidate that manages to win their race would follow through with just ONE of their brainy ideas! It never happens. They each promise the same thing, year after year, and nothing changes. Government is just too big, and too hard to change. Why would anyone in their right mind even consider running for political office in the first place? It must be the power or the notoriety, as it has to be a stressful job.

I’m pretty sure we’ll have a new set of leaders doing the same old thing. Isn’t that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results? Yeah, politics is insane.