How to Make A Baseball Cuff Bracelet

Since I’ve had so many people ask me how to make my Baseball Cuff Bracelets, I decided to post the directions.

First, choose your baseball. I prefer the old, worn out looking baseballs, but you could also choose a new baseball. I think the old, well worn baseballs give your bracelet more character.

Take a sharp razor blade and run it in the seam of the stitching.

Use a small screwdriver and pull the leather off the baseball.

This will leave you two pieces to use to make your bracelets.

Other materials that you will need are small string pearls, heavy embroidery thread, fine wire, a needle, felt and a clasp.

You’ll also need to choose a vintage earring with beads to match. I’ve also used buttons or other pieces that can be sewn to the bracelet.

After you’ve chosen the earring that you would like to use, take the clasp off with a pliers.

Once you’ve removed the earring clasp, you can place the earring on the leather baseball.

Use the fine wire and needle to sew the earring and the beads and buttons that you have chosen to the leather baseball.

Keep sewing beads on until you are happy with the arrangement.

Now you’re ready to add the felt to the back of the bracelet and stitch the pearls to the edge.

Choose a color of felt that you would like and lay the baseball bracelet on it. Trace around the bracelet and cut out the felt.

Next, thread  your needle with the heavy embroidery thread and sew the clasp on each end of your bracelet.

Once you have the clasps sewn on each end of the bracelet, place the felt on the back and stitch the string of beads to the bracelet with the heavy embroidery thread. Try to use a piece of of embroidery thread that is at least 3 yards long so that you don’t have to change thread in the middle of sewing the edge of the bracelet.

Run your needle through the holes in the leather baseball and loop the needle through, then pull tight.

The backside of your bracelet should look like this when you are finished.

And, here is the final product! Have fun!



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