Visiting Nashville

Visiting Belmont University

Visiting Belmont University


Doug & Kathy on campus

Doug & Kathy on campus

Doug & I visited Kara in Nashville a couple of weeks ago. She is attending Belmont University, and is working towards her doctorate as an occupational therapist. The last time that we headed south to see her was when we moved her in August of 2012. It was “drip sweat” hot during that trip!

We landed in Tennessee on Friday afternoon to 55 degree weather. It was fabulous! And, before the afternoon was over, it was raining. It seemed like forever since we had seen rain! The best part was seeing Kara! We toured the Belmont campus when she first moved to Nashville, but now that she has been attending for a year and a half, she could show us the actual classrooms where she’s learning about all sorts of body parts and what they do.

Last November, when Doug had his knee surgery, when Kara was home for Thanksgiving, she explained to him what they had done and what he should do to speed up his recovery. While we visited this time, I told her about my sore fingers, and she told me what was wrong and gave me an exercise to stretch out something in my fingers (that I don’t remember the name) to help ease the pain.

Me & Jack Daniel

Me & Jack Daniel



Chase, Jack Daniel & Kara

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064On Saturday, we headed to Lynchburg, Tennessee to visit the Jack Daniels distillery. It was a little chilly, but Kara said that was a good thing when it came time to head inside the actual plant. She had visited earlier in the summer, and the smell of the fermenting mash and whiskey were pretty strong inside when it was so hot outside. It was a fun and interesting tour.

Stay tuned, and I’ll give you a tour of the Opryland Hotel in my next post!



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  1. Brooke Says:

    Except she goes to Belmont University! Or have I been completely screwed up all this time??? :)

  2. kathy Says:

    Yes, Kara goes to Belmont University.

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